How do we women get through all the challenges that busy modern life throws at us? Whether caring for aged parents, trying to juggle busy schedules, or facing health issues, we need a serene place to voice our concerns both large and small, where we can connect without judgment and have our voices heard. We may also share our interests (mine include writing, yoga, gardening, travel, and outdoor activities), book recommendations, and tips for making life easier and more fun. Hopefully along the way we’ll build some friendships and a caring community. I hope you’ll share the journey with me!

I am a novelist, having written a women’s fiction novel, The Foreign Language of Friends, and am busily scribbling away writing others. In addition to fiction, I wrote and published two non-fiction books: When a Grandchild Dies: What to Do, What to Say, How to Cope, and Patchwork and Ornament by Jeanette Feldman. I also edited Georgie Holbrook’s Joy-Full Holistic Remedies. Currently I am completing revisions to Blood and Loam, a dark family drama set in the 1970 Midwest just after the Kent State shootings.

My husband Henry is my companion in travel and in life. I am also the stepmom to boy-girl twins, Joe and Sarah, now grown and beginning their own life adventures.



  1. Hi Nadine! I found you via your comment on Traveling Through. You had me at your tagline. I’m delighted to be your newest email subscriber and Facebook fan.

    We have a few things in common. I’m a stepmom. I raised my stepdaughters, who are both married now. We’re both on SheWrites. And midlife is upon us! I began my blog to capture my reinvention.

    Now if only the hubs and I could travel more…hopefully when he retires. By then I’d have figured out all the pet-friendly places that would welcome our 18-lb. Norwegian Forest cat.

  2. Nadine, Love your blog and am going to check out your books as well. So glad we have connected online!

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